¡Peace is not built with votes, it is resisting from below!

Compartimos la traducción al inglés de nuestro artículo de opinión “¡La paz no se construye con votos, se hace resistiendo desde abajo!”, traducido por Andy Folk desde New York, Estados Unidos, a quien agradecemos.
We share the English translation of our article of opinion “¡La paz no se construye con votos, se hace resistiendo desde abajo!”, Translated by Andy Folk from New York, USA, whom we thank.


We offer a profound, disobedient and rebellious NO to the referendum, not only to its detestable result, but to its procedure and strategy as well. We recognize it as mechanism to usurp the thoughts and decisions of the grassroots communities, a mechanism of politicking for various partisan forces: politicians in the right wing hierarchy, but also the left. They are once again trying to interrupt and interfere with the social processes from below, since the leaders of the great political structures always linger around these popular processes in order to capture political capital, only to disappear without fulfilling any of their promises or commitments to these communities.

The manipulation and strategy of domination inherent in the referendum were made obvious in its sad results. In Catatumbo, in Choco, in the Cauca, in Uribe and Medium Magdalena “Si” [Yes] won. In the cities, where an indolent an unreflective middle class is easily manipulated by hegemonic media from safe distance from the armed conflict, “No” won. How easy it is to cowardly ask for war from the security of the cities! How easy it is to talk shit about peace, when you only have to vote, and it’s others who assume the direct consequences of the war, those that always have had to bare this war: the indigenous, blacks, peasants, and youth of marginal neighborhoods.

Decisions of life and the death in the rural zones cannot stay in the hands of the indolent and brutal unconscious of the urban middle class. This is the great absurdity of the referendum, entering into the game in which the decisions of life and death of these communities are negated through substitution for party, electoral, and media mechanisms.

To accept whatever type of liberal decision-making mechanism is to enter into the power-play of the oppressors. The peace is not built with a vote, the peace is not a gift from those above, the peace is built little by little, in the struggle and forms of organizations of those below, transforming this country through exercising the communal autonomy and power, as did the “Peace Community” of San Jose de Apartado 90 years ago, as did the indigenous community Nasa when they expelled the military bases of Cerro de Berlin in July, 2012. No more militarism or military dominance of the territories! Let’s all build the peace in resistance, from the territories and the communities!



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